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Unwinding and Rewinding Over Guiding Demand Brings Precise Pressure for Lamination Process

October 16, 2013 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Slitter and Rewinder Equipments in the Packaging Sector

The requirement for various types of packaging needs is an ever increasing feature. With the invention of extrusion technology, plastic films have been considered a useful packaging material hence, different types of packaging films are tried out for wrapping needs in various industrial sectors. Machineries for packaging on the other hand, have a big role to play as the latest models help to replace the requirement for manpower thus possibly transformed into fully automated processes. Pertaining to the type of wrapping film requisites machinery are selected. A slitter and rewinder machine is one of the innovative machinery that are used to shear or cut a roll or log of material. The rewinder on the other hand, rewinds the sheared material that comes from the slitter to form narrow rolls; in addition, depending on the film requirement even long lengths of covering plastic films and papers are processed and rolled with this equipment. This machine is suitable to shear and roll a range of materials like plastic films, paper, sheet metals, etc wherein; the selection of blade makes the process conveniently.

The Significance in the Rewinding and Unwinding Programs

The process of rewinding and unwinding are interdependent, hence both terms are used interchangeably while referring to a slitter and rewinder device. In addition, there are certain significances in this device such as

  • It is possible to select the rolling capacity in accordance with the work piece material

  • A continuous winder can be preferred to produce materials like gift wraps

  • Smaller roll slitters can be preferred for rolling materials in smaller diameter rolls which are specifically fixed as supportive machinery in automated packaging firms.

Slitter & Rewinder Machine

How Unwinding Stay Effective in the Production of Printed and Plain Lamination Films?

Unwinding or big logs of paper or plastic films is an interesting and innovative process that helps to produce wrapping films in larger quantities. Wrapping or covering film sheets are produced either with prints on or in plain forms depending upon the requisites, in earlier days more manual work was required to carry out the shearing part of the films for packaging. But with many changes and nuances considered in the machine designing aspect, such as the slitter and unwinding and rewinder equipments the art of labelling film production has been made more convenient. Get the most efficient Plastic Extrusions machinery, here at –

Important Features to Consider While Investing in Slitter and Rewinder Machines

Investing in package machinery needs many aspects to be considered before actually stepping in. As far as slitter and rewinder equipment is concerned the key features which an investor needs to look for are

  • The type of work piece material which needs to be sheared should be considered before selecting the shearing and rewinding capacity of the tool

  • Selection of blades is very important and it has to be done based on the type of cuts your industry requires

  • Selecting a reliable and proficient manufacturer is more important. Hence, you can read the customer reviews online and compare the pricing and specifications offered by the manufacturers.

  • Organising a slitter and rewinder plant model needs to include analysis of the working width and unwinder diameter, rewinder diameter and expected working speed.

  • Different kinds of unwinding and rewinding devices can be selected in accordance with the material such as tapes, packaging films, lamination sheets, papers, etc. For example, paper industry requires larger width and diameter of rotating drums for convenient and bulk rewinding.


Indian is an emerging country in manufacturing workshop machineries and packaging equipments, choosing an Indian manufacturer will fetch you reliable machinery and value for you investment. The service and maintenance part is also as added advantage for the investors who prefer machineries from India.

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