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Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines

November 28, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines India

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines Manufacturer

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines Exporter

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Lines plant

Multi Layer Blown Film Extrusion Machine

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Line

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blowing Machine

Three Layer Co Extrusion Film Blown Machine

Plastic Blown Film Machine

Multi layer Blown Machine

Three Layer Blown Film Plant

LDPE Three Layer Blown Film Machine

High Speed Blown Film Machine

Plastic Film Blowing Machinery

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Three Layer Blown Unit

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Milk Pouch Making Machine

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad is Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Extrusions Machinery Like Monolayer Blown Film Plant, Two layer Blown Film Plant, Multilayer Blown Film Plant, PP/HDPE Box Strapping Line, PET Box Strapping Line, Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant, PP Monofilament Plant, PET Monofilament Plant, Raffia Tape Stretching Line, Air Bubble Sheet Plant, Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant, PP-TQ Blown Film Plant, Plastic Recycling Machine, Fully Auto Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Adhesive Coating Lamination Machine, LD PP Waste Washing Line, PET Waste Washing Line, Extrusion Cast Stretch Film Line, PU Tubing Plant, Slitting Rewinding Machine, Coma Paper Coating Machine

We are Exporting our Machine in Different Countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Viet Nam, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, U.K., France, Italy, Tanzania, South Africa, Myanmar, South Korea, Colombia, Kenya, Spain, Argentina, Sudan, Uganda, Algeria, Iraq, Poland, Canada, Morocco, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ghana, North Korea, Australia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Sudan, Tunisia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Switzerland, Honduras, Jordan, Lebanon, Singapore, Denmark, Liberia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Georgia, Albania, Qatar, Mauritius, Fiji, Cyprus, Bhutan, Maldives, Etc.

Multilayer films are used for varied crucial application in flexible packaging, which demand vital film properties like dart impact strength, puncture resistance, hot tack strength, gloss, oxygen and moisture barrier etc.

Multilayer blown film material is comparatively strong than two layer and mono layer blown films. It has strong impact in packaging industry as this product bears multiple protection properties including puncture and heat resistant, less or zero attraction to moisture and oxygen, etc. Multilayer Blown Film Plant is suitable for producing high barrier wrapping and stuffing material for packing food products, processed fluid consistency food items, etc. Multilayer blown film line can also be produced with this machine.


  • Easy installation
  • Rugged design
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, T-Shirt Bags
  • Liners & Lamination film for aluminum foil, jute paper and board
  • Liner for woven sacks, Cans and other industrial needs
  • Refuse Bags, diaper films, packaging of dairy products
  • Construction Roofing sheet, Green House films
  • Packaging of frozen foods
  • Wrappers for food products, laundry and Garbage bag
  • Heat Sealed sterilized packages for surgical instruments
  • Health care packaging
  • Garment Bags and fresh producing packaging
  • Courier bags

Other Details:

  • Minimise the cost of raw material.
  • Combination of different raw material.
  • Oscillating take-off unit is equip for get uniformly thickness of the film.
  • Volumetric type dosing unit is equip for the present value of material control for more effective in each layer.
  • Latest designed automatic winder and equipping the tension control device, it could be controlled more precise in the winding.
  • This machine could be combined different characteristics of plastic raw material in the same work.
  • Oscillating take-off unit is driven by heavy duty gear transmission system.
  • The gear transmission which is well precision and good stability can make the film more uniform of the thickness.
  • Its rotational angle could be attained to 359°.
  • It could be equipped the Web guiding system which could be controlled to get neat edge for film in the winding.
  • Auxiliary take off motor is driven by AC invertor drive with Motor and Gear transmission.
  • The tonsillitis is controlled by low friction cylinder.
  • The bubble film could be covered approach of circle with calibration Basket type of fixed ring.
  • We are the professional manufacturer and experience supplier for multi-layer blown film extrusion.


Technical Specifications

 Film Lay flat width Range MM 600-1250 900-1500 1000-1700 11400-2100
 Film Thickness Range LIVLD/HD MICRON 20-150
 LD-LD-LD KG/HR 180-200 200-200 220-240 220-240
 LLD-LLD-LLD KG/HR 160-180 180-200 200-220 200-220
 HD-LD-HD/LD KG/HR 170-190 190-210 210-230 210-230
 No. of Extruders 30:1
 Option MM 50-50-50 55-55-55 55-55-55 55-55-55
 Option MM 50-60-50 50-60-50 50-60-50
 Extruder-motor Rating For Option 1 22-22-22 30-30-30 30-30-30 30-30-30
 Extruder-motor Rating For Option 2 KW 22-45-22 22-45-22 22-56-22
 Gauge Randomization REVERSING HAUL OFF
 Die Lip Size MM I^H 300 HI 350 425
 Die Lip Size MM 1350 1600 1800 2200
 Main Nip Motor HKW 1
 Roller Width MM 1350 1600 1800 2200
 Additional Nip Motor KW
 —Her Drive Motor KW
 Max. Wound Diameter MM 600 800
MTRS/MIN 8-80 8-80 8-80 8-80
 Total Connected Load For Option 1 KW 146 172 175 194
 Total Space Requirement (L X W X H) MTR 16X10X12 15X10X13 16X10X12 18X10X14


Factory Add :

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd
Plot No. 01, Survey No. 325,
B/h. Jalaram Saw Mill,
Kujad, Daskroi,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – 382430

Corporate Office :

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd
B-101, First Floor,
Galaxy Business Park,
Opp. Torrent Power Station,
Sardar Patel ( SP ) Ring Road,
Nikol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – 382415.



Mobile: +91-97243 25400/01/03/04, +91-971400 0686/87, +91-92272 06356, +91-86907 94554

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