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The Roll of Plastic Extrusion Machineries in Extrusion Process

December 28, 2011 • Mrunal Ramanuj

The Roll of Plastic Extrusion Machineries in Extrusion Process
Plastic extrusion process is well defined from ancient period. The concept is to generate the required plastic product from raw plastic material. The process seem easy is not as easy. It requires extrusion machinery to melt plastic granules or raw materials at certain high temperature like 200 centigrade along with the soluble materials to melt down the raw granules. The granules are heated and molt down in the heating extruder cavity which is operating and controlled at certain heating temperature. On completing the melting process, the liquid plastic is forced to the die by screw pressure method. This melted plastic is cooled in die to define particle shape for the product. There are various extrusion machineries applied in industries like blown film plant, extrusion coating lamination plant, raffia tape stretching plant, PP box strapping plant, PET box strapping plant, PP/ HDPE monofilament plant, sutli plant, reprocess plant, PP-TQ blown film plant etc. Each machinery contains plastic extruder for extrusion process.

Blown Film Plant
Blown film extrusion process is used to produce films for packaging industry. The concept and process to go through to blow the film remain same with certain changes in process. Blown film plant is used to manufacture shrink film, bag film or stretch film. The blown film plant is available in the market in different layers as below:

Mono Layer Blown Film Machine:
Mono layer blown film lines are offered in tailor made configurations to process diverse range of customized monolayer blown film lines – HM, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE to suit a customer’s specific requirement to produce a wide variety of films for mono layer application. Monolayer blown film line is ideal for shopping bags. Grocery bags, Liners, Sheet, Lamination film for aluminum foil, Detergent packing, Salt packing, Bread packing Confectionery, Dairy products packing, Textiles, Garments Hosiery, Fast food packing, Green house film etc.

Multi Layer Blown Film Machine:
Multilayer blown film plant incorporate most advanced features like grooved feed sections, barrier screws, oscillating platform, stackable die, internal bubble cooling, automatic bubble cage, fully automatic surface winder etc. applicable best to the packaging film like Milk packaging film, Oil packaging film, Stretch film, Lamination film along with other packaging industries like Medical and pharmaceutical packaging, Textile and Garments Packaging etc.

Two Layers Blown Film Machine:
Two layers blown film line of extrusion utilizes two or more extruders to melt and deliver a steady volumetric throughput of different viscous plastics to a single extrusion head which will extrude the materials in the desired form. Egg. In the vinyl fencing industry, where co-extrusion is used by blown film line to tailor the layers based on whether they are exposed to the weather or not.

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