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BOPP Film Rotogravure Printing Machine Rotogravure Printing Process Suppliers INDIA

June 17, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj

BOPP Fill Rotogravure Printing Machine Rotogravure Printing Process Suppliers INDIA

Description : 
Rotogravure Printing Machine :
We manufacture all types of high performance Rotogravure Printing Press. Our rotogravure printing machines are higher efficiency machine with options of front & reverse printing facility. The high productive rotogravure printing press is useful for multi color printing purposes on speedy delivery basis. We offer varieties of rotogravure printing press at very competitive prices. Rotogravure Printing Machines ensure flawless performance and are highly in demand. The machine consists of : UNWIND UNIT, IN FEED UNIT, PRINTING UNIT, MAIN DRIVE, IMPRESSION ROLLER, DRYING UNIT, REGISTRATION UNIT, DOCTOR BLADE UNIT, INKING UNIT, OUTFEED UNIT, REWIND STATION.

Salient Features :
? Rugged structure using heavy side frame to ensure vibration free running the machine at high speed.
? Impression Rubber Rollers are made from Neoprene Rubber with 50 to 55 hardness, plus additional bearings provided inside Hub for wobble free shaft rotation. Lockouts with pneumatic control.
? Winding and unwinding balanced shafts from EN 31 plus hard steel with cones and locknusts assembly.
? Distance between each printing station is 40? max. (Heater cover to Heater cover).
? Dynamic balanced drive rollers with wrinkle free grooves, (Balance weights to be inside).

Technical Data :
 Web width 100 mm to 1050 mm. 
 Printing Cylinder dia. 300 mm to 600 mm
 Max. speed 150 meter per minute, 
 Max. reel dia. 800 mm
 DC Variable speed AC / DC Control Panel,
 Automatic tension control at winding unwinding side. (optional).
 Digital Temperatire Controller.
 Material that can be printed are ? Paper, Plastic Films, Aluminum Foil etc.

Product Range : (for Flexible Packaging ? Printing)
o Rotogravure Printing Machine upto 12 colour.
o Rotogravure Printing Machine with on line Lamination System.
o Flexographic Printing Machine upto 8 Colour.
o Coating Machine.
o Laminating Machine.
o Slitting and Rewinding Machine.
o Web Aligner Unit.
o Winding – Unwinding Machine.
o Tension Control Unit.
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