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Mulch Film Making Machine

September 7, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Mulch Film Making Machine

Mulch Film Making Machine India

Mulch Film Making Machine Line

Mulch Film Making Machine Manufacturer

Mulch Film Making Machine Exporter

Mulch Film Extrusion Lines with the best combination of technology and performance. These low investment, power efficient, high – speed plants can give processors the competitive edge and quick return on their investment.

Mulch film Line has a great demand in global market for its wide range of agricultural products that can be produced from it. Mulch Film Extrusion Machine is an economical solution to create moderate barrier films for Agricultural Department. It consumers low power and when it comes to return on investment, packaging industry can made good and fast profit. Similarly, two layer blown film line materials can also be produced from this single plant.


Application of Mulch Film Making Machine:

  • Agricultural Product
  • Nursery Product


Mulch Film Making Machine

Plant Model

Screw Size (mm) Screw L/D Ratio Feed Section Type Max LayFlat Width Thickness Range (Micron) Max Production Capacity Total Connected Load Blown Film Line – Dimension Of Plant
(mm) (kg/hr) (KW) L W H
 OESCOBL  35-45 35-45 28:1 Smooth Feed 750 20 to 100 55 48 25 20 16
 OESCOBL  45-55 45-55 28:1 Smooth Feed 900 20 to 100 80 58 30 20 18
 OESCOBL  55-65 55-65 28:1 Smooth Feed 1200 20 to 100 120 65 35 23 20
 OESCOBL  35-45 35-45 30:1 Groove Feed 800 20 to 100 90 64 25 20 18
 OESCOBL  55-65 55-65 30:1 Groove Feed 1200 20 to 100 125 75 30 25 24


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