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Self Adhesive Tape Machine

November 11, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Self Adhesive Tape Machine

Self Adhesive Tape Machine India

Self Adhesive Tape Machine Exporter

Self Adhesive Tape Machine Manufacturer

Self Adhesive Tape Machine Line

Self Adhesive Tape Machine Manufacturer in India

Self Adhesive Tape Making Machine

Self Adhesive Tape Making Machine Plant

Self Adhesive Tape Making Line

Self Adhesive Tape Making Unit

Self Adhesive Tape Making Machine Exporter

BOPP Tape Making Machine

Cello Tape Making Machine

Plastic Converting Machine

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad is Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Extrusions Machinery Like Monolayer Blown Film Plant, Two layer Blown Film Plant, Multilayer Blown Film Plant, PP/HDPE Box Strapping Line, PET Box Strapping Line, Synthetic String (Sutli) Plant, PP Monofilament Plant, PET Monofilament Plant, Raffia Tape Stretching Line, Air Bubble Sheet Plant, Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant, PP-TQ Blown Film Plant, Plastic Recycling Machine, Fully Auto Die Face Cutter Recycling Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Adhesive Coating Lamination Machine, LD PP Waste Washing Line, PET Waste Washing Line, Extrusion Cast Stretch Film Line, PU Tubing Plant, Slitting Rewinding Machine, Coma Paper Coating Machine.

We are Exporting our Machine in Different Countries like Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Mexico, Japan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Viet Nam, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Turkey, Thailand, U.K., France, Italy, Tanzania, South Africa, Myanmar, South Korea, Colombia, Kenya, Spain, Argentina, Sudan, Uganda, Algeria, Iraq, Poland, Canada, Morocco, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Nepal, Ghana, North Korea, Australia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Senegal, South Sudan, Tunisia, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Belarus, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Switzerland, Honduras, Jordan, Lebanon, Singapore, Denmark, Liberia, New Zealand, Kuwait, Georgia, Albania, Qatar, Mauritius, Fiji, Cyprus, Bhutan, Maldives, Etc.

The manufacture of film laminates is a continuous process of coating and bonding, with process differentiation defined by the type of adhesive used and how the adhesive is applied and converted.  These processes are classified as either wet or dry laminating processes and are described.

Technical Specification

 Type Of Machine  Adhesive Lamination Machine / Adhesive Coating Machine
 Working Speed  100 To 120 Mtr / Min
 Maximum Web Width  1000 Mm
 Unwind Roll Dia.  800 Mm / 1000 Mm
 Rewind Roll Dia  800 Mm / 1000 Mm
 Drying Section  Multi Zone Arch Type
 Hear Source  Electrical / Hot Air
 Coating Section  Gravure
 Lamination Coating Section  Heating Roller With Nip Roll
 Drive  Variable Speed
 Unwind / Rewind  Simplex / Duplex


Surface modification techniques can also be employed to for low polarity polymeric films and other based substrates to improve structural performance. These methods can include the application of roll coatings (polymers, lacquers, primers), co extrusion, immersion, and plasma treatments. Solvent and water-based barrier coatings are common, as are dry coatings such as varnishes cured by heat or oxidation. Chemical surface treatments, vacuum plasma depositions, and specifically vapor-deposited oxides and nit rides are also employed to improve packaging performance.

Factory Add :

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd
Plot No. 01, Survey No. 325,
B/h. Jalaram Saw Mill,
Kujad, Daskroi,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – 382430

Corporate Office :

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd
B-101, First Floor,
Galaxy Business Park,
Opp. Torrent Power Station,
Sardar Patel ( SP ) Ring Road,
Nikol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA – 382415.



Mobile: +91-97243 25400/01/03/04, +91-971400 0686/87, +91-92272 06356, +91-86907 94554

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine

September 14, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine India

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine Exporter

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine Manufacturer

Plastic Recycling Granules Making Machine Line

Plastic Granules Making Machine

Plastic Reprocess Plant

Plastic Dana Making Machine

Plastic Waste Reprocess Plant

Plastic Dana Machine

Recycling Machine India

Plastic Processing Machine India

Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Granules Making Plant

Plastic Processing Machine

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd offers various models for palletizing plant to make granules form resin in various range in screw diameter 75mm, 90mm and 100mm with / without vent system screw and barrel, die and pattletizer.


  • Material: All kinds of plastics waste.
  • Online Force Feeding Film Trim, Tape Trim without cutting aglometer.
  • For the plastic waste of higher moister, heavy printing, heavy contamination.

This plastic reprocess machine is used to process PET and polyethylene plastic waste to recover the scraps and byproducts at the end of plastic fabrication. PET reprocess plant and PE reprocess plant are the two extrusion machineries with plastic extruder are widely used in plastic extrusion process.

Reducing plastic wastes by recycling process is a great help to save environment. There are list of re process plant than can be chosen from and PP/HDPE reprocess machine is one among the best choices. PP/HDPE reprocess plant can be fed with plastic and raffia wastes and this plastic reprocess machinery stays a cost effective solution that can be applied to make quality ropes, molded components and yarns. This equipment is compatible to accept ingredients including BOPP waste, HDPE wastes and polypropylene residues as well.


PP HDPE Monofilament Plant

September 12, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant India

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Exporter

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Manufacturer

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Line

Monofilament is a kind of yarn used as an end product through the weaving process.
Woven filaments are used for fishing nets, ropes, and yarn. This fiber is also used in Parachute Fabric and in Para-glider and Hot Air Balloon etc. It is an ideal fiber for Automotive Air Bags and Timing Belt applications. Also used in a range of Industrial and Military Applications etc.


Fishing Line


Agriculture/horticulture Nettings

Safety/Fence Netting

Fishing Net

Textile Fiber

Sewing Thread

Tooth Brush

Brush & Broom

Badminton Racquet String

Awning Cloth

Engineering Plastics/Films

Marine Ropes

Hose Reinforcement

Brush /Broom

Glass Cutting

Other industrial purpose

Substrates for various coated fabrics including High Performance Tents, Performance fabrics in Sports ware etc.

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