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Tag: HDPE monofilament Plant

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant

September 12, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant India

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Exporter

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Manufacturer

PP HDPE Monofilament Plant Line

Monofilament is a kind of yarn used as an end product through the weaving process.
Woven filaments are used for fishing nets, ropes, and yarn. This fiber is also used in Parachute Fabric and in Para-glider and Hot Air Balloon etc. It is an ideal fiber for Automotive Air Bags and Timing Belt applications. Also used in a range of Industrial and Military Applications etc.


Fishing Line


Agriculture/horticulture Nettings

Safety/Fence Netting

Fishing Net

Textile Fiber

Sewing Thread

Tooth Brush

Brush & Broom

Badminton Racquet String

Awning Cloth

Engineering Plastics/Films

Marine Ropes

Hose Reinforcement

Brush /Broom

Glass Cutting

Other industrial purpose

Substrates for various coated fabrics including High Performance Tents, Performance fabrics in Sports ware etc.

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