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Slitter and Rewinder Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Plastic Extruder

February 11, 2012 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Technology in Plastic Processing, Printing and Packaging Machinery
Over the years, the technology in machineries used for plastic processing, printing and packaging machinery has changed a lot. It is undeniable that each and every product requires printing and packaging and the trends regarding the same are changing everyday. The demands of attractive and safe packaging are increasing and so the new technology machines are required by the industries. To fulfil these demands, the manufacturers of plastic processing, printing and packaging machinery are coming up with new technology machines which are of international standards. Below mentioned are some of the latest technology machines which have made the plastic processing, printing and packaging easier in the industries.

Slitter and Rewinder Machine
Slitter and rewinder machine is a special kind of machine which is used in converting industries and paper industries. This machine is able to work with almost any material including paper, plastic, laminating films and anything you need that may be associated with packaging any type of goods and materials for business.

Rotogravure Printing Machine
In modern times rotogravure printing machine is considered as the fastest and widest machine which is capable of printing almost everything, right from narrow labels to wide rolls of vinyl flooring. Rotogravure printing machine includes the process of printing which involves engraving or transferring an image onto an image carrier with the help of a rotational printing press. The rotogravure printing machines are usually used in printing and packaging industry as it is fast, reliable and featuring options of front & reverse printing facility. Rotogravure printing machine is well known for its high performance and low waste.

Plastic Extruder
Plastic extruder is used to manufacture plastic products used in packaging of different kinds of products. The plastic extruders are highly efficient and well known for high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In our day to day life, we rely very much on plastic extruders as so many plastic products are manufactured with the help of this machine. Plastic extruders help in moulding plastic as per the required shape and size of the product.

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