Extrusion Machines, Plastic Extruders, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Slitter and Rewinder Machine, Adhesive Coating Machine, Blown Film Plant

Extrusion Machines
The products manufactured from extrusion machines are the necessities of our daily life. Our basic requirements like toothbrush, pen etc. is made from machines itself. Some of the machines manufactured in India and having huge demand amongst various industries are briefed below:-

Plastic Extruders
The plastic extruder converts plastic materials like plastic chips or plastic pellets from solid to liquid form and then reconstitutes them in final shape of finished product.

Rotogravure Printing Machine
The Rotogravure printing machine is a type of intaglio printing process; which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier. In gravure printing, the image is engraved onto a cylinder because, like offset printing and flexography, it uses a rotary printing press. Once a staple of newspaper photo features, the rotogravure process is still used for commercial printing of magazines, postcards, and corrugated (cardboard) product packaging.

Slitter and Rewinder Machine
The slitter and rewinder machine is used to manufacture flexible packaging material. There are different models and kinds of slitter machines that you can buy in the market. You will surely find one that can suit your budget and your company needs.

Adhesive Coating Machine
The adhesive coating machine is suitable for the double -layer and multiple layer lamination of such roll film materials as BOPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminium foil and paper etc. Adhesive coating machine or adhesive coating plant, also known as Adhesive lamination plant or adhesive lamination coating plant is highly used in flexible packaging industry.

Blown Film Plant
Blown film plant, blown film line machines are used for various plastic extrusion processes for production of high volume quality blown film. In this process raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile by high end plastic extrusion machines. Blown film line machines are available based on various extrusion process, like mono layer blown film plant, multi layer blown film plant, co-extrusion two layer blown film plant to produce variety of packaging materials for foodstuff, clothing, Medical, Pharmaceutical and other packaging industries.

Extrusion Machinery Exporters are making a conscious effort to put their best foot forward with the help of latest technologies to tap the upcoming opportunities all over the world.

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