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Do you know that the Resistance Property of Blown Films gets enhanced when processed for Multi-Layer Form?

January 27, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Popularity of Blown Film in Packaging Industry

Plastic remains an important ingredient in packaging sector. Comparing the resistance and protection properties, blending plastic and flexible materials with polymers gives out excellent heat and moisture resistant properties.

Significance of Extrusion in making Blown Films

Extrusion is the process of blending polymers with plastic which is then turned to molten condition and send through a extruder to obtain film bubbles of the desired diameter. This extrusion technology stays very advantageous as it increase the barrier property of the packaging films.

Ingredients added in Blown Film Manufacturing

Blown film is made by blending plastic with polymers which is then transformed into polyolefin plastics, polyethylene, etc. The blend enhances the flexibility of the filming material thus variety of blown films is made in accordance with the packaging requirement of respective industries.

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Properties of Blown Film

Blown films are flexible for shaping and a variety of polymers such as LDPE, HDPE, PE, etc can be treated to obtain blown films. This product has several beneficial properties such as high tensile strength, hear and moisture resistance texture, etc.

Resistant Property

Blown films applied in food industry is selected based on is resistance property. The blown film in general stays tough to react with heat and damp condition and the inclusion of polymers make it flame and UV resistance, antibacterial and antifungal resistant as well.

Enhancing Layering in Blown Film Manufacturing

The thickness of blown films can be enhanced with the help of extrusion technology. The production rate of two layered, three layered and multilayered blown film requires different time span in order to obtain the required thickness and it is done by applying co-extrusion technology.

Industrial applications of Mono Layer Blown Film line

Blown film is also applied as film line in packaging as lining gives additional strength to the outer material and keeps the product safe from external atmospheric influence. Mono layer blown film line acts as a lamination for jute bags, aluminum foils, woven sacks, etc

Two layer and three layer Blown Films and its resistance capabilities

Double or two layer blown film line is little thicker than single layer blown film and it stays very useful in packaging industries that produces shopping bags, liners for jute bags, lamination films as well as biodegradable films.


Application benefits of Multilayered Blown Film

Multilayer blown films are many times thicker and tougher than mono layer blown films. It is widely applied for its puncture resistance and dart impact strength properties. Some of the industries that benefit from multi-layer blown films lines are beverages, edible oil, instant tea, and many liquid products.

PPTQ Blown Film Machine

PPTQ blown film machine is applied to obtain high quality of tough blown films that can be used to obtain complete moisture resistance and sealing properties. Food industry finds a great percentage of application of PPTQ blown film line.


Blown film and blown film line manufacturers like Ocean Extrusions offer high quality machinery to produce wide range of blown films that are then used for packaging industry. These machines can produce different types of blown films without any compromise made in its resistance properties.

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