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Plastic Sutli Making Machine

March 26, 2021 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Synthetic String ( Sutli ) Plant Suitable for PP Synthetic Jute. Due to T Die System, Machine Give High Production of Sutli. Cheese Winder is Provide in Different width of Coil as Per the Requirement of Coil width of 40mm, 50mm, 600mm, ( 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. You Can Choose from Screw Die of 40mm, 50mm, 75mm. The Principal Application of Plastic String ( Sutli ) is for Loose Packaging, Tieing the Corrugated Boxes, Small Packaging, Tieing of Bags as a Substitute of Jute Sutli and twisted Rope Making


Ocean has developed “T” die string (sutli) plants/suitable for PP synthetic jute. Due to ‘T’ die system, machine gives high production of sutli. Cheese winder is provided in different width of coil as per the requirement of coil width of 40mm, 50mm, 600mm,100mm, 150mm and 200mm. You can choose from screw die of 40mm, 50m, 60mm, 75mm. The principal application of plastic string (sulti) is for loose packaging, tieing the corrugated boxes, small packaging, tieing of bags as a substitute of jute sutli and twisted rope making With Synthetic string plant bulk production of plastic string can be done. Plastic string is applied for exterior loose packaging. Sutli machine or synthetic string machine is a reliable choice of machine that can produce twisted plastic strings and synthetic string lines which are then applied in the place of conventional jute strings. Synthetic string lines produced from sutli plant are much stronger than other conventional materials. This equipment is a cost effective option for making large quantity of strings and line materials.

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