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Plastic Dana Making Machine

November 24, 2018 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Plastic Dana Making Machine

Plastic Dana Making Machine India

Plastic Dana Making Machine Manufacturer

Plastic Dana Making Plant

Plastic Dana Making Line

Plastic Dana Making Machine Unit

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Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic Recycling Making Machine

Plastic Recycling Plant

Plastic Recycling Line

Plastic Reprocess Making Machine

Plastic Reprocess Plant

Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturer

Plastic Reprocess Machine Manufacturer

Plastic Dana Making Machine Manufacturer Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd

Ocean Extrusions Private Limited is manufacturer and exporter of Plastic Extrusions Machinery Since 2006


This is a Plastic Reprocess Plant or Plastic Granules Making Machine


This plastic reprocess Plant is used to process PET and polyethylene plastic waste to recover the scraps and byproducts at the end of plastic fabrication


PET reprocess plant and PE reprocess plant are the two extrusion machineries with plastic extruder are widely used in plastic extrusion process


Reducing plastic wastes by recycling process is a great help to save environment


There are list of re process plant than can be chosen from and P P or H D P E reprocess machine is one among the best choices


P P or H D P E reprocess plant can be fed with plastic and raffia wastes and this plastic reprocess machinery stays a cost effective solution that can be applied to make quality ropes, molded components and yarns


This equipment is compatible to accept ingredients including B O P P waste   H D P E wastes  and polypropylene residues as well


The Machine Production Capacity is 100 Kilograms to 200 Kilograms with Different types of Models

Factory Add : – Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd

Plot No. 01, Survey No. 325, B/h.

Jalaram Saw Mill, Kujad, Daskroi,

Ahemadabad, Gujarat, INDIA – 382430

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