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Local and International Opportunities before Blown Film Plant Manufacturers in India

August 27, 2013 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Blown film Plant types and uses

Packaging industry is facing equal growth in technological impact. Since, the necessity for export and import is increasing worldwide; high quality packaging techniques are required to maintain the quality, safety and originality of the products that are packed. Be it food industry or medial or machineries or cosmetics for instance, the aspect of packaging has a big role to play. As a result of the increasing demand for different types of packaging and consecutive extrusion machinery, there is also good demand for different types of packaging to be done. Running one of the plastic extruder machineries such as a Blown film plant will suit a range packaging options for several industrial requirements. Hence, manufacturing blown films offers wide opportunity to develop business worldwide.

Multi-Layer Blown Film Plant

Owning a blown film plant of different types can fetch you good business such as

Types of Blown Film Plants

  1. Mono Layer Blown Film Plant-A mono layer blown film machine is a best option to design shopping bags, grocery bags, aluminium foils, lamination film, baked items packaging, green house films, simple carry bags, shrink films, etc. With a mono layer blown film plant it is easy to manufacture from 35kg to 450 kg of films in one hour. You can choose the features such as changeable plastic extrusion output in the machinery depending upon the production requirement.
  2. Two Layer Blown Film Plant– If you are looking out for an option where you can get higher productivity at a reasonable investment and quick returns a two layer blown film line plant will stay the right option.
  3. Air bubble sheet plant– We can produce air bubble wrap sheets with scratch protection and water resistant. This is a superior option in packaging films. It is applied for packaging shipping industry. In addition with PP HDPE PET Box Strapping Plant you can produce heat-sealing straps and with PP TQ blown film plant you can manufacture packaging for textile and food industry. A Pet reprocess plant involves recycling and fabrication of waste plastics and found to be an economical investment. A Sutli plant is for producing synthetic jute packaging material for small and medium size products whereas, an extrusion coating lamination plant will be the best option to product jumbo bags, aluminium foils, polyester films, etc.
  4. Multi-Layer Blown Film Plant- Among the different types of blown film plants and relative plastic extrusion machinery a multilayer blown film plant can stay a best option for co extruder feature. There are advanced features added to multilayer blown film machinery such as the grooved feed barrel, dosing system, rotating die, automatic bubble cage, etc which helps in experiencing high productivity as well as better quality. Packaging for confectionaries, dairy products, fast foods, can be produced in addition to general types of food packaging requirements.

Industrial Applications of Blown film machineries and its demand

Investing on blown film machineries will stay an ideal choice to make good returns. There are a number of industrial applications for which various blown film plants can stay useful. Starting from food industry to medical, machinery manufacturing, textile, cosmetics, medial equipments, dried foods, processed foods, dairy products, confectionaries, groceries, etc Indian packaging film manufacturers are emerging out with innovative and highly reliable packaging products that are in demand all over the world. Investing on any type of blown film plant in accordance with the type of demand will enhance your revenues as well.


Choosing a blown film plant is an ideal investment, but buying a high quality and reliable machinery is more important.

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