How to Manage Bulk Production of Woven Sack Lamination?

Inception of Woven Sack Lamination

Sack material has been in usage for packing different products and it is found to cost effective, strong and preferred for transit purpose. However, with the inception of laminated woven sack material, many industries enjoyed the benefits of packing with this product.

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What is Woven sack lamination line?

Lamination line is the coating added inside the sack bag to add more protective features to the sack. This lining material is made of different ingredients such as high density poly ethylene, poly propane, etc and these lining ingredients are chosen based on the industrial requirements.

How Woven Sack line offers perfect lining for packaging?

Woven sack liner provides protection to the products from external influence such as climatic changes, dust, etc. It is also preferred for avoiding leakage and it is quite difficult to easily steal products packed inside liner woven sacks.

Benefits of using Woven Sack with Lamination

Lamination woven sacks are found to be a cost effective packaging solution. For industries that process sugar, salt, fertilizers, rice, etc, they can manage bulk packaging requirement by investing in woven sack lamination machine.


Industries that Apply Laminated Woven Sack Material

Woven sacks found widespread usage in packing rice, salt, sugar, fertilizers, etc. Finding a suitable machine that can produce woven sack lamination with respect to the production and packaging requirement will stay an economic option as it is easy to produce different sizes of woven sack lamination bags with respect to the industrial demand.

Know about Machine that makes bulk production of Woven Sack Lamination

Woven sack lamination machines are designed specifically to add the liner inside the preformed sack. This machine offers economic option in producing protective packaging material and it saves more time in production as well.

Woven Sack Lamination Plant and its Bulk Production Benefits

Lamination plant is certainly a cost effective and fruitful option for producing and supplying woven sacks with liner to different industries. It is also possible to produce liner with sacks of different sizes, thickness by using suitable protective materials.


Where to get cost effective machinery for Woven Sack Lamination Line Machine?

Ocean Extrusions is a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting plastic extrusion machine for different industries. We supply woven sack lamination line and woven sack lamination plant with pp box strapping line or HDPE box strapping line as per the industrial requirement and at competitive price.

Lamination Plant and its advantages

With Lamination plant it becomes quite convenient to produce coating thin layer from different ingredients like HDPE or PP. These lining materials are further applied on sacks made of paper, cotton cloth, woven fabric, etc

Advantages of Liner made from Woven Sack Lamination plant

The application of lining material differs widely as per the compatibility of the product with the packaging material. Hence, single layer to multi layer lamination line are produced as increase in thickness can be depended for higher level of protective features. Further more information about if you want to know about bulk production of woven sack lamination, visit at


Lamination liner makes the packaging safe and protective and lamination machines will be the right choice of machinery. Ocean Extrusions offers wide range of liner machines and consumers can choose the liner ingredient and lamination plant for bulk packaging requirement.