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How Food and Cosmetic Industry Benefits from Full Width Laminated Reel by Slitter Rewinder Machinery?

February 13, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Wrapping Material in Rolls for Bulk Labeling Requirement

Wrapping materials like labels, flexible films, etc remain the prominent component for packaging process. Most of the industries that have higher productivity rate depend on larger amount of material hence; wrapping ingredients produced in slit and rolls stays the profitable option other than conventional labeling process.

Machines for Producing Lamination Films in Roll


Slitter Rewinder Machine is an innovative device suitable to produce large quantity of flexible packaging materials and lamination lines in rolls. The materials applied to rolling are then applied in different industries for onward packing or further sent to produce different packaging requirements like making pouches, shrink sleeves, etc.

Key Functionality of Slitter Rewinder Machine

The raw materials for labeling and other packaging requirements are brought in large rolls and these materials are then converted to flexible wrapping material in terms of applying the same into slit and rewind process to obtain in rolls with respect to the specific industrial requirement.

Slitter Rewinder Device and its Benefits for Food Industry

Food industry remains the top most of all industries as far as packaging requisites are concerned. Slitter rewinder remain an economic and useful option to manufacture flexible films and laminated wrapping materials to pack different kinds of products starting from processed food, to dairy products, beverages, ready mix fruit juice powder, snacks, bakery items, etc.

How Multiple Laminated Packaging Sheets are produced in Bulk with Slitter device?

Slitter and rewinder machine can easily covert printed or laminated packaging materials into multiple reels of desired packaging design. The requirement of width and length of the packaging material are adjusted in the slit thus it becomes easily possible to produce rolls of packaging materials over requested length and width.  This method stays very effective to handle different packaging requirements in food industry.

Full Width Laminated Reel and its Benefits in Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic industry has plenty of packaging requirements and the material used for packing also varies in accordance with the compatibility of the product with the wrapping material. Lamination reels of different widths made from Slitter rewinder machine is considered an effective choice for tackling cosmetic products in different consistencies such as power, lotion, cream, fluid, semi solid, etc.


Tips to buy Slitter Rewinder

It is better to buy a machine that can handle a variety of products and sizes. Flexibility of the mechanism in slitter rewinder is more important and it can be judged by the compatibility of the converter in the machine. If the convertor is flexible to accept different materials for slitting and rolling it can be depended for profitable productivity. Ocean Extrusions is one of the reputed companies that manufactures and exports slitter rewinder and BOPP slitter plant and many more packaging friendly equipment at competitive cost.

Benefits of investing in Slitter Rewinder Machine from Ocean Extrusions

The material gets rolled straight with no issues of uneven edges found. Buying a slitter rewinder machine that can wind good and even rolls is more important for unmatched productivity. This feature will help to obtain better satisfaction from the customers and Ocean Extrusions offers slitter with all these features.

BOPP Tape Production and Slitter

Producing Bioxially oriented polypropelene film with acrylic based adhesive in different colors. BOPP slitter plant will stay economic, effective and profitable investment. With this machine it is able to produce BOPP rolls of various dimensions as per customer requirement. Get more details visit at


Slitter and rewinder machine is an important invention in packaging industry. Ocean Extrusions is the right place to find suitable slitter.

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