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Find out the Economic Options Fed into Machinery for Quick, Reliable and Safe Packing Process

December 16, 2013 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Recent Technology in Packaging Film Making

  • With the invention of several technical aspects new trends in packaging concepts have been found.
  • Automatic packaging machinery and packing material range are the top options for many industries today.

Types of Packaging Machinery

  • Packaging equipments are of several types and sizes
  • Certain manufacturers like Ocean Extrusions offer custom made packaging machinery as per the industrial requirement.

Features of Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • When it comes to printing aspect in packaging, every product needs to appear with reliable information about it on the packaging material.
  • A rotogravure printing machine is one that stays perfect for printing packaging ingredients like wrappers and flexible packaging films.


Advantages of Extrusion and Adhesive Coating Machine

  • Extrusion machine is a suitable device that works compatibly with flexible packaging materials and is found to offer wide range of packing options.
  • Adhesive coating machine is a suitable equipment that helps to prepare flexible labelling solutions for automatic labelling process.


Know about Slitter Rewinder Machine from Ocean Extrusions

  • A slitter and rewinder equipment offers multiple options to produce packaging films.
  • With a slitter and rewinder device logs of packaging films can be produced in accordance with the dimension, width, length and quantity required.

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Ocean Extrusions is an expertise manufacturer of machineries useful for packaging process. They accept custom requirements and supply a range of packaging friendly machinery to several industries.

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