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Extrusion Coating Lamination Line

September 4, 2019 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

Introduction of Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

Extrusion Coating Lines (Lamination Plant) :

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line and extrusion laminating are converting processes that allow different substrate materials to be combined to obtain a single compound structure. The materials involved may include plastics, paper, carton board, or aluminum foils.

For coating thin layer of polyolefins (Mainly LDPE/PP) on substrates like Paper, Cotton Cloth, Woven fabrics, Non Woven Fabric, Craft paper, Jute fabrics, Aluminium foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc. up to 3150 mm Web width applications.

Coating extensively used in a wide variety of food and non-food

applications of Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:- 
Tandem Extrusion Coating Lamination Line For coating Circular Woven fabric, for producing multi layer laminates up to 5 layers along with the various substrates like Paper, Aluminum foil, Polyester film etc.

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line is suitable for the double -layer and multiple layer lamination of such roll film materials as BOPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, CPE, aluminium foil and paper etc

coating PE/PP on substrates like Woven Fabric/Sacks, Tarpaulin, Cotton Cloth, Jute Fabric, Paper, Aluminum foil, BOPP Film, Polyester Film, CPP Film, Jumbo Bags, Non Woven Fabric, etc. 

Our Featured Tandem Lamination Plant with fully Auto Back to Back Registration System and centralized Control System for coating combinations up to 5 Layers for producing Multilayer Laminated Products with Combination of various substrates like Woven Fabrics, BOPP, Paper, Aluminum foil, Polyester Film, etc.

For coating thin layer of polyolefins (Mainly LDPE/PP) on substrates like Paper, Cotton Cloth, Woven fabrics, Non Woven Fabric, Craft paper, Jute fabrics, Aluminium foil, BOPP film, Polyester film, etc.

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

We are a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Extrusion Coating Lamination Plant such as Extrusion Coating Lamination Machine, BOPP La Extrusion coating & laminating process.


The actual process of extrusion coating involves extruding resin from a slot die at temperatures up to 320°C directly onto the moving web which may then passed through a nip consisting of a  rubber  covered pressure roller and a chrome plated  cooling roll. The latter cools the molten film back into the solid state and also imparts the desired finish to the plastic surface. The web is normally run much faster than the speed at which the resin is extruded from the die, creating a coating thickness which is in proportion to the speed ratio and the slot gap.

Application of Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

Paper coating and laminating

Flexible packaging

Board coating and laminating

Fabric scbrim and non-woven


Extrusion laminating   is a similar process except that the extruded hot molten resin acts as the  bonding medium  to a second web of material.

Applications of Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line and laminating lines are usually custom-built and can be configured for a variety of applications including liquid packaging, aseptic drink containers, flexible packaging, toothpaste tubes, medical packaging, industrial wraps, insulation backed materials, and plastic coated tablecloths, as well as sacks for products as diverse as cement, cereal grain, and dry chemicals.

Extrusion coater laminators deliver a combined substrate, the component elements of which would be very difficult to separate. The combined substrate inherits highly enhanced physical properties and barrier protection performance from its component elements.

Process description of Extrusion Coating Lamination Line:-

In the extrusion coating process an extruder forces melted thermoplastic resin through a horizontal slot-die onto a moving web of substrate. The resulting product is a permanently coated web structure. Extrusion lamination is a similar process to extrusion coating, where the resin is extruded between two substrates and acts as a bonding agent.

Inside an Extrusion Coating Lamination Line the substrates and melt are nipped at a bonding station. This consists of a large roll, a pressure roll, and a counter-pressure roll cooled by water. The combination of the pressure between the rolls and the temperature permits delivery of the correct adhesion level.

The final product is rewound as a permanently bonded multi-ply laminated structure. Most plastic films and foils require a primer coating before they are used in the extrusion process.

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