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Extrusion Coating Lamination Line woven sack, jumbo bag, fabric

June 7, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Extrusion Coating Lamination Line woven sack, jumbo bag, fabric 

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Extrusion coating lamination machine is suitable for woven sacks, tarpaulins, jumbo bags, cotton fabrics, jute, paper, aluminum
Extrusions Coating Lamination Machine for rice bag bopp fabric coating paper lamination multi-function Extrusion coating extrusion coating lamination machine line plant for bopp lamination coating machine for paper For Coating thin layer of polyolefin’s (Mainly LDPE / PP) on substrates like Woven Sacks, Tarpaulins, Jumbo Bags, BOPP Film, Paper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester Film, Cotton Fabrics, Jute, Non Woven Fabrics, etc. Up to 5200 mm Web width applications. Tandem Lamination Plant for coating Circular Woven Fabrics, for producing multi layer laminates up to 5 layers along with the various substrates like Paper, Aluminum Foil, Polyester film etc. Lamination line material adds superior protection for products when they are packed. Extrusion coating lamination plant is a suitable solution to produce very slim lining layers made of PP, LDPE. This lining material will them be added to packaging components like woven sacks, giant size bags, aluminum foil, cotton and jute fabric bags, etc. Ocean Extrusions is a leading extrusion coating lamination plant manufacturer and our lamination plant will remain a revenue making investment as the machine components are made of reliable and quality materials. This video caters details about Extrusion Coating Lamination machine that is used for ldpe Coating Lamination, pp coating, pet Coating lamination, woven sacks, paper with Aluminium Foil Coating, bopp lamination with BOPP Film Coating extrusions lamination, metalized Polyester Coating Paper, Cotton Fabric Coating Paper with HDPE Woven Fabric Coating. Further more information visit at machine is … The line uses PP or PE as raw material, through the flow-casting coating and … achieving single-sided / double-sided coating or paper-plastic lamination plant



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