Extruder, Plastic Extrusion lamination coating machine india

Extruder, Plastic Extrusion lamination coating machine india

An extruder is a machine which performs the process of extrusion. Extrusion is the process which begins by heating the stock material which includes metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete and foodstuffs. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. It also forms finished parts with an excellent surface finish.

Plastic Extruder
Plastic extruder performs plastics extrusion, a high volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile. Plastic extruder produces items such as pipe/tubing, weather stripping, fence, deck railing, window frames, adhesive tape and wire insulation. In the plastic extrusion, raw thermoplastic material in the form of small beads which is also called resin, is gravity fed from a top mounted hopper into the barrel of the plastic extruder. Additives such as colorants and UV inhibitors (in either liquid or pellet form) are often used and can be mixed into the resin prior to arriving at the hopper. There are different types of plastic extruders also known as plastic extrusion machinery which are used in various industries mentioned below:-

  • Raffia tape stretching machinery is known for versatility, productivity and perfect control.
  • The uniquely designed sutli plants are used for manufacturing PP/HDPE sutli used for packaging purposes.
  • HDPE monofilament plants, PP Monofialment plants and Nylon monofilament plants are the best range of monofilament manufacturing machines used to manufacture HDPE filaments, PP filaments and NYLON monofilaments used for preparing ropes, brushes etc.
  • Monolayer blown film plant with the best combinations of technology and performance is low investment, power efficient, high-speed extrusion plants providing increased output on smaller layflat products, creating lower conversion costs and high profits for the processors.
  • The PP TQ blown film plant is best used to manufacture PP films for packaging purposes.
  • Extrusion coating lamination plant is equipped with best features of extrusions coating hangar die, turnbar arrangement and higher output extruder.
  • This best featured extrusion coating plant is mainly used for coating thin layer of polyolefins mainly LDPE/PP on substrates like paper, cotton cloth, woven fabrics, jute fabric, aluminium foil, BOPP film, polyester film up to 3150mm web width applications.

These plastic extruders incorporated with high output extruders, water ring palletisers, air cooled die face cutters, hydraulic operated continuous screen changers and pallet drying systems.


Extrusion Lamination Coating Line

Extrusion Lamination Coating plant india

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