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Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) Rotogravure Printing Machine

August 9, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

The process, also commonly called gravure printing, is used in the manufacturing of food and non-food packaging, as well as labels, wall coverings, transfer printing, and has a variety of further applications in the security printing, industrial, and tobacco segments of industry.

Applications of Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) Rotogravure Printing Machine:

Typical gravure printed products include:

• Food packaging

• Wall paper

• Wrapping paper

• Furniture laminates

• Paneling

• Greeting cards

• Magazines

Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) Rotogravure Printing Machine

Application Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine; Technology that Takes Your Business to New Heights

March 19, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj
woven sack machinery

woven sack machinery

Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine and its Application

Its application areas include: food packaging industries, hosiery, confectionery, bakery packing, flowers packing, garment packing, lamination film, blood bags and high general packaging film. The machines are developed with different widths depending on various application areas. The manufactures develop supreme quality products that incorporate the latest technological advancements that meet various customers’ needs. The machines are developed per international standards and certified for use in different industries. The machines are developed with customers at heart with utmost energy efficient and give optimum production. Develop with high precision engineering expertise in meeting modern market.

Advance Features and of PPTQ Blown Film Machine

The machine incorporate advanced features like long life service, manual as well as automatic screen, internal bubble cooling, high productivity, high performances, online thickness monitoring control, surface and center winders, constructed with very high quality materials, auto tension control, manual and automatic screen changer, dosing systems, flexibility and grooved feed barrel. The attractiveness of utilization of this film machine for packaging is basically based on various mechanical operations that are being done in the field. The machines are technologically advanced with automatic screen changer that enhances efficiency and easy operation.

Benefits of Using PPTQ Blown Film Machine in Packaging Industries

The machine are manufactured in various combinations such PP and PE grades to meet customer needs and specific requirement. They are very efficient and are of great importance in enhancing quality and adding attractiveness of the packed products. This resulted to increase in production input resulting to profit maximization. The machine reduces the operating work load and increases the production efficiency. The packaging industries deserved a packaging film machine that keeps good safe, environmental friendly, superior quality, reliable, durable and affordable to packing industries.

PP-TQ Blown Film Plant

Technology Advancement and Innovations in PPTQ Blown Film Machine

 Every packaging industry that seek to increase their profits and maximizes on production must use technologically advanced PPTQ blown film machine. Their advance technological features boost high precision, ease operation, quality standards, fast, accuracy, saves time and cost effective as well as consistent performance. The machines are designed by professional who ensures quality, presentable, originality and innovativeness design in meeting customers’ demands.

Cost Advantages and Extra High Performance with PPTQ Blown Film Machine

There are various advantages in which packaging industries can comfortably enjoy while using high quality and extra performing machine for packaging. Its advantages includes: high speed, effectiveness and exceptional high performances. These merits overdo the cost of purchasing this machine.

The Current Market Trends and Demand for PPTQ Blown Film Machine

In the current market trend this machine is geared by inventiveness and originality in meeting the client demand globally. The market trend is very competitive and the manufacture ensures quality design that meets all the client needs and desires. They embrace newest technology to meets the client description requirement with tangible results. Get more details visit at


The PPTQ blown film machines are specialized fabricated with quality standard raw materials. They have embraced latest technological advancements and efficiently integrated them in meeting industrial demand. The offer extensive desirable benefits to the packing industries such as overall cost saving, durability, conveniences, cost effectiveness, user friendly, preserve item for a long time , aesthetics, and add attractiveness to the packed products hence help in maximizing returns.

Find out the Economic Options Fed into Machinery for Quick, Reliable and Safe Packing Process

December 16, 2013 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Recent Technology in Packaging Film Making

  • With the invention of several technical aspects new trends in packaging concepts have been found.
  • Automatic packaging machinery and packing material range are the top options for many industries today.

Types of Packaging Machinery

  • Packaging equipments are of several types and sizes
  • Certain manufacturers like Ocean Extrusions offer custom made packaging machinery as per the industrial requirement.

Features of Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • When it comes to printing aspect in packaging, every product needs to appear with reliable information about it on the packaging material.
  • A rotogravure printing machine is one that stays perfect for printing packaging ingredients like wrappers and flexible packaging films.


Advantages of Extrusion and Adhesive Coating Machine

  • Extrusion machine is a suitable device that works compatibly with flexible packaging materials and is found to offer wide range of packing options.
  • Adhesive coating machine is a suitable equipment that helps to prepare flexible labelling solutions for automatic labelling process.


Know about Slitter Rewinder Machine from Ocean Extrusions

  • A slitter and rewinder equipment offers multiple options to produce packaging films.
  • With a slitter and rewinder device logs of packaging films can be produced in accordance with the dimension, width, length and quantity required.

Further more information about Extrusion machines or packaging equipments, visit –


Ocean Extrusions is an expertise manufacturer of machineries useful for packaging process. They accept custom requirements and supply a range of packaging friendly machinery to several industries.

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Rotogravure Printing Machine – Best Extrusion Machinery for Packaging & Printing Industry

July 9, 2013 • Mrunal Ramanuj

The rotogravure is a form printing process referred to as intaglio printing process .This process involves engraving an image into an image carrier. The process uses rotary printing press where the image to be printed is engraved onto a cylinder. This process is used for commercial printing of magazines, cardboards aluminum, foil paper and also in product packaging.

From the above definition of rotogravure printing, we can define the rotogravure printing machine as the machine used in the printing process described above.

The modern machine uses a printing cylinder with tiny cells that have been engraved on it. The cells have the ability to retain ink, the pattern and the size that finally reflect the final image of the product.

High speed rotogravure printing machine: This is a fast speed kind of printing machine. The bigger number of rotogravure machines print rolls as opposed to sheets of paper. The machine is the fastest in speed and also the widest in the printing industry. For the maximum level of efficiency, this machine operate at high speeds producing very big diameters and wide rolls.

Applications of Rotogravure Printing Machine:

The roto printing machine is popular and mostly used in the fine arts and photography reproduction sectors because of its high density range in printing.

The printing process is also commonly used in food manufacturing and the packaging sectors. The gravure printing machine can print a wide range of substrates some of which involve polyester, polythene and BOPP among others. The rotogravure machine is most popular in this sector because of its ability to print well on thin films such as nylon and polyester.

The printing process is also applied in manufacture of wall covers and transfer printing. The process has further applications in the security printing, the tobacco sector and generally used the industrial sector.

Important features of the machine

· The rotogravure printing machine is characterized by a single printing unit for each color mostly Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key which is the common printing reference of the color black. The number of units however mainly depends on the color you wish for the final image.

· High density range: the rotogravure printing machine is capable of transferring much more ink to the paper than the typical printing processes. This feature has made the machine popular in fine art, and photography reproduction

· The rotogravure printing machine allowed the ability to transfer ink consistently over a big range of densities at high speeds. This makes it suitable for applications that need high quality images, for example packaging, publishing and decorative printing.

· Long service life: The machine can print cylinders that are long lasting. They last even through large volume runs without the risk of them getting worn out.

· Another characteristic feature of the machine is its low per unit costs running especially in cases with high volume production.

· Good heat conduction.

The sectors where the machine is applicable

The printing machine is used in the following sectors

· In printing magazines that are long run and exceed over a million copies.

· The mail order catalogs also use this printing machine.

· Packaging for consumers

· In furniture making where quality and consistence is privy the printing machine is used to print wallpapers and laminates.

· Newspaper adds inserts, also frequently use this printing machine.

The rotogravure printing machine is well designed to produce high quality images. The cells in the cylinder that allow consistent flow of ink and the engraving of the image on the cylinder all contribute to the high quality of the final images produced by this machine. The printing technique used by the machine is used in the manufacturing and the industrial sectors on large scale. It is therefore among the best printing machines that can be used for high volume production of quality products and images..

Slitter and Rewinder Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Plastic Extruder

February 11, 2012 • Mrunal Ramanuj

Technology in Plastic Processing, Printing and Packaging Machinery
Over the years, the technology in machineries used for plastic processing, printing and packaging machinery has changed a lot. It is undeniable that each and every product requires printing and packaging and the trends regarding the same are changing everyday. The demands of attractive and safe packaging are increasing and so the new technology machines are required by the industries. To fulfil these demands, the manufacturers of plastic processing, printing and packaging machinery are coming up with new technology machines which are of international standards. Below mentioned are some of the latest technology machines which have made the plastic processing, printing and packaging easier in the industries.

Slitter and Rewinder Machine
Slitter and rewinder machine is a special kind of machine which is used in converting industries and paper industries. This machine is able to work with almost any material including paper, plastic, laminating films and anything you need that may be associated with packaging any type of goods and materials for business.

Rotogravure Printing Machine
In modern times rotogravure printing machine is considered as the fastest and widest machine which is capable of printing almost everything, right from narrow labels to wide rolls of vinyl flooring. Rotogravure printing machine includes the process of printing which involves engraving or transferring an image onto an image carrier with the help of a rotational printing press. The rotogravure printing machines are usually used in printing and packaging industry as it is fast, reliable and featuring options of front & reverse printing facility. Rotogravure printing machine is well known for its high performance and low waste.

Plastic Extruder
Plastic extruder is used to manufacture plastic products used in packaging of different kinds of products. The plastic extruders are highly efficient and well known for high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. In our day to day life, we rely very much on plastic extruders as so many plastic products are manufactured with the help of this machine. Plastic extruders help in moulding plastic as per the required shape and size of the product.

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