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PE Extrusion Lamination Coating Machine PE coating machine, PE film laminating machine

February 11, 2017 • Mrunal Ramanuj

PE Extrusion Lamination Coating Machine PE coating machine, PE film laminating machine 


High density polyethylene of HDPE woven sacks have become a versatile commodity in the
packaging industry. Introduced for the first time in India during the year 1969 it has over the years
replaced the conventional jute bags to a large exte`nt. HDPE sacks have an edge over the
conventional jute sacks in the sense that the former are light in weight, strong and attractive.
These sacks are immune to the effect of corrosion, decay, moisture, atmosphere, rats, rodents,
moths and insects. Being superior in quality and economic to the traditional jute material, these
modern sacks have gradually captured a large market for packing fertilizers, chemicals, food
stuffs, animal foods, oil cakes etc. Sacks made of HDPE are laminated with low density
polyethylene inside it. This gives protection against moisture, air and the material packed cannot
penetrate out of the sack.

Market Potential:
The primary requirement of sacking in India is for packaging of fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals,
oil seeds and good grains. The total demand at present is estimated to be around 3000 million
sacks per annum. The current sales of HDPE resins for woven sacks is around 20,000 M.T.A. or
approximately 154 million sacks. For jute sacking the sales is around 12 lakh tones per annum or
2460million sacks. This still leaves a deficit of about 400 million sacks. Therefore, HDPE sacks
rather than competing with jute sacks would on the contrary supplement the existing deficit in

The main consumer for HDPE woven sacks in the N.E. Region at present is the Hindustan
Fertilizer Corporation Ltd., (HFC), Namrup. The HFC (Stage-I, II & III) has at present an installed
capacity of around 10,00,000 tonnes of Urea and Ammonia Sulphate per annum. On an average
the actual production works out to about 80% of the installed capacity or to about 8,00,000 tonnes
of Ammoniam Sulphate and Urea per annum. The fertilizer produce is packed in bags or sacks in
the quantity of 50 Kgs. or 0.05 tonnes per bag or sack. On this basis the total requirement of bags
or sacks is 160,00,000 Nos. per annum. Out of this requirement more than 50% (80,00,000 Nos.)
is HDPE woven sacks.

At present there is no unit manufacturing laminated HDPE woven sacks in Assam or in any part
of the N.E. Region. As a result the full requirement of laminated HDPE woven sacks are supplied
by manufacturer’s from outside the state and region. Thus 2 – 3 Nos. of laminated HDPE woven
sacks manufacturing units can come up preferably in the states of Assam and Nagaland.

Plant Capacity:
The production basis for a typical tiny unit would be as under:

Working hours/day : 8 (1 shift)
Working days in a year : 300
Annual Production capacity : 7,00,000 Nos.of laminated
HDPE woven sacks.pantai kuta bali

The unit has been assumed to operate at 70%, 80% and 90% of its installed capacity in the first,
second and third year and onwards of its operation.

Raw Material:
The main raw material required for manufacturing laminated HDPE woven sacks is HDPE of GF
– 7745 F grades. The other chemicals required are LDPE (18 LA 060 grade) and colour for
printing. LDPE is used in the laminating process or in the extraction coating process in providing
a lining of LDPE to the woven material. The colour is utilized in printing the name of the unit etc.
whose product is to be packed. The annual requirement of HDPE, LDPE and colour at 100%
capacity utilization is as follows:
HDPE : 80,000 Kg.
LDPE : 23,000 Kg.
Colour : Rs. 0.50 per Kg. HDPE requirement




Application Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine; Technology that Takes Your Business to New Heights

March 19, 2014 • Mrunal Ramanuj
woven sack machinery

woven sack machinery

Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine and its Application

Its application areas include: food packaging industries, hosiery, confectionery, bakery packing, flowers packing, garment packing, lamination film, blood bags and high general packaging film. The machines are developed with different widths depending on various application areas. The manufactures develop supreme quality products that incorporate the latest technological advancements that meet various customers’ needs. The machines are developed per international standards and certified for use in different industries. The machines are developed with customers at heart with utmost energy efficient and give optimum production. Develop with high precision engineering expertise in meeting modern market.

Advance Features and of PPTQ Blown Film Machine

The machine incorporate advanced features like long life service, manual as well as automatic screen, internal bubble cooling, high productivity, high performances, online thickness monitoring control, surface and center winders, constructed with very high quality materials, auto tension control, manual and automatic screen changer, dosing systems, flexibility and grooved feed barrel. The attractiveness of utilization of this film machine for packaging is basically based on various mechanical operations that are being done in the field. The machines are technologically advanced with automatic screen changer that enhances efficiency and easy operation.

Benefits of Using PPTQ Blown Film Machine in Packaging Industries

The machine are manufactured in various combinations such PP and PE grades to meet customer needs and specific requirement. They are very efficient and are of great importance in enhancing quality and adding attractiveness of the packed products. This resulted to increase in production input resulting to profit maximization. The machine reduces the operating work load and increases the production efficiency. The packaging industries deserved a packaging film machine that keeps good safe, environmental friendly, superior quality, reliable, durable and affordable to packing industries.

PP-TQ Blown Film Plant

Technology Advancement and Innovations in PPTQ Blown Film Machine

 Every packaging industry that seek to increase their profits and maximizes on production must use technologically advanced PPTQ blown film machine. Their advance technological features boost high precision, ease operation, quality standards, fast, accuracy, saves time and cost effective as well as consistent performance. The machines are designed by professional who ensures quality, presentable, originality and innovativeness design in meeting customers’ demands.

Cost Advantages and Extra High Performance with PPTQ Blown Film Machine

There are various advantages in which packaging industries can comfortably enjoy while using high quality and extra performing machine for packaging. Its advantages includes: high speed, effectiveness and exceptional high performances. These merits overdo the cost of purchasing this machine.

The Current Market Trends and Demand for PPTQ Blown Film Machine

In the current market trend this machine is geared by inventiveness and originality in meeting the client demand globally. The market trend is very competitive and the manufacture ensures quality design that meets all the client needs and desires. They embrace newest technology to meets the client description requirement with tangible results. Get more details visit at


The PPTQ blown film machines are specialized fabricated with quality standard raw materials. They have embraced latest technological advancements and efficiently integrated them in meeting industrial demand. The offer extensive desirable benefits to the packing industries such as overall cost saving, durability, conveniences, cost effectiveness, user friendly, preserve item for a long time , aesthetics, and add attractiveness to the packed products hence help in maximizing returns.

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