Application Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine; Technology that Takes Your Business to New Heights

woven sack machinery
woven sack machinery

Development of PPTQ Blown Film Machine and its Application

Its application areas include: food packaging industries, hosiery, confectionery, bakery packing, flowers packing, garment packing, lamination film, blood bags and high general packaging film. The machines are developed with different widths depending on various application areas. The manufactures develop supreme quality products that incorporate the latest technological advancements that meet various customers’ needs. The machines are developed per international standards and certified for use in different industries. The machines are developed with customers at heart with utmost energy efficient and give optimum production. Develop with high precision engineering expertise in meeting modern market.

Advance Features and of PPTQ Blown Film Machine

The machine incorporate advanced features like long life service, manual as well as automatic screen, internal bubble cooling, high productivity, high performances, online thickness monitoring control, surface and center winders, constructed with very high quality materials, auto tension control, manual and automatic screen changer, dosing systems, flexibility and grooved feed barrel. The attractiveness of utilization of this film machine for packaging is basically based on various mechanical operations that are being done in the field. The machines are technologically advanced with automatic screen changer that enhances efficiency and easy operation.

Benefits of Using PPTQ Blown Film Machine in Packaging Industries

The machine are manufactured in various combinations such PP and PE grades to meet customer needs and specific requirement. They are very efficient and are of great importance in enhancing quality and adding attractiveness of the packed products. This resulted to increase in production input resulting to profit maximization. The machine reduces the operating work load and increases the production efficiency. The packaging industries deserved a packaging film machine that keeps good safe, environmental friendly, superior quality, reliable, durable and affordable to packing industries.

PP-TQ Blown Film Plant

Technology Advancement and Innovations in PPTQ Blown Film Machine

 Every packaging industry that seek to increase their profits and maximizes on production must use technologically advanced PPTQ blown film machine. Their advance technological features boost high precision, ease operation, quality standards, fast, accuracy, saves time and cost effective as well as consistent performance. The machines are designed by professional who ensures quality, presentable, originality and innovativeness design in meeting customers’ demands.

Cost Advantages and Extra High Performance with PPTQ Blown Film Machine

There are various advantages in which packaging industries can comfortably enjoy while using high quality and extra performing machine for packaging. Its advantages includes: high speed, effectiveness and exceptional high performances. These merits overdo the cost of purchasing this machine.

The Current Market Trends and Demand for PPTQ Blown Film Machine

In the current market trend this machine is geared by inventiveness and originality in meeting the client demand globally. The market trend is very competitive and the manufacture ensures quality design that meets all the client needs and desires. They embrace newest technology to meets the client description requirement with tangible results. Get more details visit at


The PPTQ blown film machines are specialized fabricated with quality standard raw materials. They have embraced latest technological advancements and efficiently integrated them in meeting industrial demand. The offer extensive desirable benefits to the packing industries such as overall cost saving, durability, conveniences, cost effectiveness, user friendly, preserve item for a long time , aesthetics, and add attractiveness to the packed products hence help in maximizing returns.

Capitalize your Profit Potential with Box Strapping Machine

Box strapping machine is used in taping and sealing of cartoons from top to bottom. It is a high speed machine that enhances quality as well as saving time. It has a double motor drive that enables the machine to tap and seal top and bottom simultaneously. The machine is also equipped with a roller that enhances smooth movement of boxes. The machine is also well designed to accommodate boxes of different size. The machine is adjustable to different height and width. Box strapping machine are integrated to meet new existing production to lines with companies demands.


Mode of Operation of the Box Strapping Machine.

The machine is equipped with a special speed control, voltage, work temperature that is adjustable and suit client demand. The machine has a double motor drive that works simultaneously. The sealing movement is done by manual hand rotary crank. The box to be sealed is put on in- feed rollers with a gentle push. The conveyor pulls the box forward. The adhesive tape is firmly stacked on the bottom and top flaps simultaneously. The rollers press the tape for tight sealing. The cutter blades cut – off the tape and sealed carton passes through the out- feed roller for delivery.  The machine has an energy saving mode that is activated for 2 minutes of non – use to allow for an instant operation. It is able to operate for 20minutes as a warm up period with an intermittent action control.

Various Products that are Made Using Box Strapping Machine.

Box strapping machine is effective machine in strapping various products such as; cartoons, paper packages, wooden boxes, concrete block, bags, packaged glass and small packets among many others.

Contribution of Box strapping Machine in the Manufacturing Industries.

 The manufactured goods need a specialized packaging to be delivered to the retail and wholesale. The product packaging keeps goods safe and presentable. Box strapping machine are the most significant machineries in all production industry as they pack products in most safe way. The efficient sealing and strapping of products make them more attractive to the buyer hence increasing profit. These good packagings boost the friendliness of manufacturing and marketing industry. Strapped and sealed cartoon or boxes gives a competitive advantanges over others.  The strapping machine enables the manufacturer to transport goods to remote areas as product inside is protected from damage. This machine is used in numerous manufacturing industries for fast and tight strapping of large numbers of cartons and boxes. These features enable the machine to maximize potential profit to the industries.

Advantages of Using Box Strapping Machine.

  • It is convenient to maintain as the top cover is lift type.
  • Well designed for easy operation.
  • It is suitable for heavy cartons.
  • It is durable and affordable.
  • The box strapping machine has lower power utilization.
  • The speed control enables the machine to save time hence increasing production.

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Box strapping machine has a double motor drive that enables the machine to tap and seal top and bottom simultaneously. The machine is also equipped with a roller that enhances smooth movement of boxes. The sturdy and compact design enables the manufactures to enjoy various suitable strapping applications.

It is designed to accommodate boxes of different size. The machine have the following advantages; power efficiency, low maintenance cost and easy to handle. The speed control enables the machine to save time hence increasing production. The machine also is highly durable and affordable and this reduces the operation cost drastically.

Indian Manufacturers of Plastic Extrusion Machinery

Indian Manufacturers of Plastic Extrusion Machinery
We are using the products made from plastic extrusion in our life everyday. from plastic tub to TV. we cant think of life or products without plastic usage. These all plastic products are made from plastic extrusion machines. In the fast growing competitive market of plastic extrusion machinery, Many Extrusion Machineries manufacturing companies are the technologically progressive company based in India, with years of expertise in the manufacturing of the plastic extrusions machinery. The company in India have in house design & development facility to deliver continuous innovation with latest technology that makes possible to provide an optimum customized solutions. They have a product portfolio which is comprising all kind of product requirements for the extrusion machineries. The companies in India have technically sound professionals that keeps strict observation on the entire manufacturing process. Blown film line machines are available based on various extrusion process, like mono layer blown film plant, multi layer blown film plant, co-extrusion two layer blown film plant to produce variety of packaging materials for foodstuff, clothing, Medical, Pharmaceutical and other packaging industries.

Plastic Extrusion Machinery
The India plastic processing industry is a leading as an ultimate & customised solution provider for the extrusion machineries, The indian plastic processing machines manufacturers are having core expertise in plastic extrusion machineries  including plastic extruder and mono layer blown film machines like LDPE Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, TQ Film Plant, PP / TQ Film Plant, Mono Layer Blown Film Plant, HM Mono Layer Blown Film Plant and HDPE Mono Layer Blown Film Plant. Coating lamination plant, synthetic string plant and air bubble sheet plant. Indian Plastic Machines manufacturers providethe best range of machines for plastic processing . They offer uniquely designed ranges of box straping line, pp box straping line, HDPE box straping line, PET box straping line which are used in diverse industrial applications. Mono layer blown film lines are offered in tailor made configurations to process diverse range of customized monolayer blown film lines – HM, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE to suit a customer’s specific requirement to produce a wide variety of films for mono layer application. Monolayer blown film line is ideal for shopping bags. Grocery bags, Liners, Sheet, Lamination film for aluminum foil, Detergent packing, Salt packing, Bread packing Confectionery, Dairy products packing, Textiles, Garments Hosiery, Fast food packing, Green house film etc.