All You Need To Know About Adhesive Lamination

When looking for an ideal adhesive lamination machine, several factors must be considered. Among them is high quality bond strength, good wet tack, can be used for wood lamination, is fast drying producing no wrinkles, bonds easily and many others. A good quality machine for industrial use is one that is an all-purpose lamination or coating machine with perfect functionality.

What is adhesive lamination and how does it work?

Adhesive lamination is a finishing process where you seal off with film. It can be done with a variety of finishes sometimes with color enhancement but the main goal is to enhance durability or a desired appearance as well as comfort. The adhesive coating plant works by different techniques depending on the material. Different coating plants are able to perform hot melt adhesive bonding, an application that is not prone to effects of moisture, has high adhesion capabilities and is good on short duration outdoor use materials. This approach also allows for instant lamination, has no need for moisture and upon cooling, the material is ready for immediate use. Other machines are able to coat circular woven fabrics, producing multiple layers of lamination. Spray coating is also another lamination technique commonly used on non-woven materials. A powder spray gun is used and is able to penetrate well in to the surface of the material. Some of these machines can hold more than one spay gun, thus can be of great advantage and can meet your high industrial demands. Lamination adhesives used can be water based or solvent based. Dry adhesives are appropriate for use in fast machines. Water based ones are cheaper and can be used for lamination as well as adhesive films. Solvent based ones on the other hand are best suited for outdoor use and offer long term durability since they can confer UV protection. They also work well with both lamination and adhesive films and have high tack qualities. Spray lamination typically works best with water-based or polyurethane adhesives. The plant usually has different units, such as the lamination unit, duckling system, sandwitch unwinder and the surface unwinder.  Click here to know more about Adhesive Lamination.

What are the applications of adhesive lamination for different industries?

The industrial uses of adhesive lamination plants are varied, ranging from coating of;

• Paper

• Polyester film

• Cotton fabrics

• Jute

• Plastic

• Aluminum foilstreaming Vacation 2015 movie

• Woven sacks

• Non-woven fabrics

How do you select the best quality adhesive lamination machine for your industrial needs?

When choosing an adhesive lamination device, focus on an energy efficient, fast and high quality machine. Speed is necessary to boost your maximum production capacity per hour which is normally quantified in kg/hr. It must have smooth feed capabilities which will ensure that the end product after lamination is wrinkle-free. You must certify that the device can deliver the appropriate coating thickness range as per the material you are working with. The machine should be compatible with an adhesive that is not toxic and does not gas.