All about Plastic Extrusion – Plastic Processing Machineries

Plastic Extrusion
Plastic extrusion machinery is the equipment to carry out the plastic extrusion that is also referred as plastic processing. Plastic extrusion is the process to convert raw plastic materials into the finished plastic product. What could be the process and instruments used in this extrusion process are simple to define with complex process. Plastic raw materials which are called as resin are mixed with additives like colorants and UV inhibitors and put-up into the hopper. Hopper pushed the mixture to the feed throat from where it is passing onto the screw in barrel. The rotating screw catch-up the material flow on the screw to form uniformity that gradually melt the resin bids at the required temperature. There is unique mechanism in the barrel to define a custom temperature to melt down the resin, but at the time it prevents overheating of the polymers that can change its property for adverse effect. The good phase wise cooling system helps the barrel to maintain the melting process without changing the product quality. Ultimate it passes out to the breaker plate and to the die where the melted plastic material forms uniformity with the technological controls and pressures to define unique product shape of plastic. The die is cool down through processing at different stages. These extrusion machineries are very much useful to derive variety of plastic products like plastic pipes, plastic tubes, wire insulation, window frames and so on many plastic products.

What is Extruder
Extruder is the part of extrusion machinery where real process of plastic melting happens with the help of technological controls. Plastic extruder is consisting screw with barrel where the plastic raw materials are evenly spread through hoper. Screw is rotated through screw driving motor which creates friction of plastic polymers with screw and barrel this generates heat to melt down the raw plastic granules into the liquid form. Melting depends on the quality of the polymers. If they are not melting through this process or required high temperature to melt down, the additional source to raise the temperature is applied through electrical controls. This achieves the desired temperature to melt down the plastic and form┬áthe liquidity. The purity and uniform plastic liquid are passed through the barrel-screw process and enters into the die to form a required plastic shape. The shaped plastic die then moved to the water and other cooling agents to form solidity and creates the hard plastic. Various types of extrusion machineries are used in different processing to generate plastic products. Few of the popular extrusion machineries are blown film plant, adhesive coating and lamination plant, slitter and rewinder machine, Rotogravure printing machine etc…

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