Adhesive Lamination Plant

This is a new laminating plant that is designed to use extremely fast-curing, two component glues that speed up the production of bonded panels. The adhesive lamination plant vastly increases throughput while concurrently reducing space as well as costs and time requirements for a certain level of output.

Adhesive coating is a finishing process in which you seal different materials with film. Sometimes it comes with color enhancement but the main aim of adhesive coating is to enhance durability comfort as well as the desired appearance.

The adhesive coating plant has the following advantages over the conventional laminating systems:

  • It has faster curing times with less or no need for heating.
  • It has greater throughput
  • The coating plant requires less labor input.
  • Finally it needs less space and therefore lower floor space requirement.
  • It is a solvent based adhesive, making it suitable for outdoor and long term applications.

    The Application of Adhesive Lamination/Coating Plant for different Industries

    The adhesive coating plant is widely used in the production and manufacturing industries .Some of the work it is used for include:

  • It is used for coating paper, polyester film, cotton fabrics plastic, woven sacks among others.
  • Wood working: the adhesive lamination plant is well suited for woodworking operations. It is designed for specific applications which include hot melt, automatic dowel insertion and finger jointing.
  • Wood jointing used to filling spaces between two wood joints and hold them together.
  • Labeling it can be used to label plastic bags, polyester and other materials.It is also used in other industries for art work, pencil manufacture, and in the manufacture of sports goods.

    How Adhesive Lamination / Coating Plant Works?

    The adhesive coating plant works using different techniques depending on the material being worked on. Different adhesive plants can perform differently. For example hot melt adhesive bonding works with heating while other forms of lamination are able to coat circular woven fabrics that produce multiple layers of full movie Attack on Titan

    Adhesive lamination is a two component formulation also known as 2K coating.

    The coatings are packaged in two different containers that must be carefully measured combined and mixed thoroughly before use. All this is done using the adhesive lamination plant.

    The mixture is then applied on the material through careful spreading using the adhesive lamination plant.

    After application it is left to dry. The coating film remains wet until when exposed to light energy.

    How to select best quality Adhesive Lamination / Coating Machines for your Industrial Need?

    When a buyer goes looking for an ideal adhesive coating machine several factors should be considered some of them include:

  • Can the plant be used for wood lamination? The machine buyer should find out from the seller if it has this feature enabled.
  • The buyer should also ensure that the machine is fast drying and produces no wrinkles.
  • The machine should have good wet tack.
  • The buyer should also look for fast machine. Speed is essential in boosting maximum production.
  • The machine should have smooth feed abilities to ensure that end product is wrinkle free.
  • The buyer should also ensure that the machine is able to provide the right coating thickness depending on the material you are working with.
  • It should also be a high quality machine for industrial uses preferably an all-purpose lamination or coating with perfect functionality. The buyer should ask if the machine has this all purpose functionality before purchasing a laminating machine.
  • The adhesive coating plant has many advantages over the conventional laminating systems. Apart from its fast drying capabilities that gives the end products no wrinkles ,it also saves floor space and a considerable amount of time in the lamination process.